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2016 Annual Meeting

Time:  29:24
Jackson EMC's 2016 meeting of members, held on September 15, 2016.

Static Electricity Experiments

Time:  1:09
Here's our video after we tried out the static electricity experiments shared in the May issue of JEMCO News. For the steps to try it yourself visit

February, 2015 Ice Storm Response

Time:  3:12
On Feb. 16, a wintry mix of snow, sleet and freezing rain resulted in a severe ice event across Northeast Georgia. As trees and power lines started to come down, Jackson EMC workers responded...

Jackson EMC 2014 Annual Meeting

Time:  26:21
The business portion of the Jackson EMC 2014 Annual Member Meeting, held on September 18 at the Jackson EMC headquarters in Jefferson.

Before There Was Light

Time:  4:34
Find out about life in rural Northeast Georgia before Jackson EMC brought electricity to the homes and farms of the region.

HVAC Energy Tips

Time:  5:32
Save money and energy by properly maintaining your heating and cooling system.

Energy Efficient Water Heater Tips

Time:  3:13
Your water heater is one of the largest users or energy in your home. Find out how you can save with your existing water heater, or by installing a new one.


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