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  • Jackson EMC Response to Coronavirus

    Jackson EMC Response to Coronavirus

    The Jackson EMC Emergency Management Team has implemented the pandemic response plan to address increasing concerns and mitigate the impact of the coronavirus on our co-op and our communities. The plan places the highest value on the safety of our employees and members.


Ways to Save

Ways to Save

As a response to the spread of COVID-19, many of our members are being asked to stay home. This might lead to an increase in your energy consumption, ultimately affecting your next monthly power bill. Check out these tips on ways to save. read more

Latest News

Lobbies Closed, Offices Open for Drive-thru Traffic Only

In response to the spread of COVID-19, our offices will remain open for drive-thru service only. read more

Perspective: Safe From a Difference

We’ve always planned for how Jackson EMC will need to operate in a variety of circumstances, like ice storms, tornadoes, and, yes, even pandemics. Our top priority in any circumstance is to keep power flowing to the hospitals, businesses and homes in our community. read more